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A on image for close up look

3PinesSmallFfff copy.jpg

Large double spread map of Louise Penny's Three Pines (Minotaur Books). This was used to cover the entire NYT best selling series.

Alex final flat sm.jpg

Double page spread map of Alexandria for 'The Shards of Heaven' series by Michael Livingston (Tor Books) I also created maps for the remainder of the series. 

final map sm.jpg

One of two double page spread maps for 'The Dinosaur Lords Series' by Victor Milan (Tor Books). This was used in all the books in the series

MaraCity2small copy.jpg

Map of 'Marakand'- one of several maps I made to cover the Marakand series by JK Johansen (Tor Books)

sm nether map.jpg

Double page spread map of Nether Monkslip for the 'Max Tudor Mystery Series' by GM Malliet (St.Martin's Press)

9th lrg lay with hid namefrm.jpg

Double page spread for 'The Ninth House' by Leigh Bardugo (Flatiron Books).This map ended up as a many layered collaboration with another artist.

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