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Am d sm.jpg

Double page spread for the NYT Best Seller 'American Dirt' by Jeannine Cummins (Flatiron Books). This much talked about book has become one of the top selling books of 2020.

New WWest FPO.jpg

Map for 'The New Wild West' by Blaire Brody (St.Martin's Press)

Silver map sm.jpg

Map for 'Athwart the Silver Seas' by Conway Davies (Gwasg Crys Bach)


Map for 'Island of a Thousand Mirrors' by Naomi Munaweera (St.Martin's Press)

LostP euro1 col sm.jpg

One of two double page maps for 'The Lost Pilots' by Corey Mead (St.Martin's Press)

Black 1 sm.jpg

One of four maps for 'Blackmail' by Rick Campbell (St.Martin's Press)

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